Friday, February 13, 2015

Q's Two!

In some ways it is hard to believe my little girl is two years old, but at the same time, having another baby in our house makes it so much more believable.  Well, and then there is the fact that she is practically a teenager :-)

Q totally rocks our world.  She is hilarious, beautiful, strong, sweet, and oh so sassy.  She loves to look at books, and loves to run races with her big brother.  She loves to wrestle, and loves to snuggle her daddy.  She loves dinosaurs, and has a new found love of "babies", especially the Teletubby doll Po that somehow ended up here from my dad many years ago.  Her favorite show is Dinosaur Train, for which I am so grateful, since I was trying desperately over the last three months to get her interested in TV so I could have her sit still for half an hour while I nurse her baby brother.  She is madly in love with her brothers and her daddy, always asking for them immediately upon waking up in the morning.  In turn they are madly in love with her (though I think Kepler would appreciate her being a little more gentle with him).  She drives me insane with her climbing onto the kitchen counter and the dining room table, and saying no to me a hundred times a day, but she is so much fun the rest of the time that she makes up for it :-)  We all adore this beautiful little creature. My mom says she is my mini me (her looks and her 'tude), and that makes me feel pretty dang good.

Happy 2nd birthday (yesterday) Quinley Jane!

Note to self: when taking photos, pay attention to what her diaper looks like,
instead of just focusing on her cute face!

Here's my little lady bug at a few days old, at one year, and now at two.  So much blonde hair now!

Stats: Height: 2' 10" (63rd %)  Weight:  22 lbs 2.5 ozs (3rd %) Head: 18.11" (14th %)