Friday, July 25, 2014

Pregnancy is Purgatory

Yeah, so this is going to be a whiny post, so if that annoys you just click that little x up in the corner right now.

24 weeks today!  There is always some relief in that, since baby is now "viable".  I still have serious fears about having him too early, but I know the chances of that are slim so I don't dwell on it.

Baby is moving like crazy after I eat and when I lie down in bed, and it only occasionally hurts.  Chad and Dane talk often about how excited they are to have another baby in the house, and Quinley likes to poke my belly and say "baby".  

I am starting to actually think about things we need to do to prepare for baby's arrival, but really there isn't much!  My MIL bought baby a bunch of clothes at a garage sale, I put out an APB on Facebook for more baby boy clothes, I bought sixteen newborn cloth diapers (oh my gosh the cuteness!), and really that's all we need.  I am really hoping Dane will be done with his nighttime fluffs by the time baby grows out of his newborn cloth.  I am impressed that those BumGenius have held up for over four years now, and they appear to have a lot more life in them!

Dane at 11 months old, he still fits in these at 4 1/2 (seriously good investment):

Really though, I am so done being pregnant.  I smile and rub my belly when I feel him moving around, but I just want him on the outside. I don't really enjoy anything about being pregnant, and am a bit jealous of other women who do.  I go straight from morning sickness to being big and uncomfortable.  I don't experience the second trimester energy that I read about.  And probably my biggest complaint: restless legs and insomnia.  I had been sleeping well the past few months, waking to go to the bathroom, but able to get right back to sleep.  But a few nights ago that all changed and I was awake until 1am or later and sooooo uncomfortable.  I bought myself a new body pillow and two gel foam pillows from Costco yesterday hoping and praying that would help.  Now our bed looks ridiculous, half covered in pillows, but it did the trick and I was asleep by 11pm last night.  Thank goodness we upgraded to a king size bed when I was pregnant with Quinley.

I was napping during Q's nap a few days this week, but I would let Dane watch shows on the tablet in order to do it and it made him crazy the rest of the afternoons, so I put the kibosh on that yesterday and instead he and I purged his toys.  We were both much happier doing something productive, and he was much better behaved the rest of the day having had some quality time with me.

The YMCA was closed all week, but they are opening back up tomorrow and I am going to seriously try and take some yoga classes each week.  I took a class with my mom about ten years ago, and yoga was just not for me, it was too tame and slow, but now I really need that quiet time and want to focus on stretching and centering myself.

What did you find to be the most help in reducing the discomforts of pregnancy?  I find that blogging helps ;-)  Only 16ish more weeks until this purgatory is over and I get to enjoy the heaven that is having a newborn baby.