Thursday, October 29, 2015

Kepler {Weeks 35-43}

From 8 months to 10 months Kepler had lots of growth, not size wise, but developmentally.  He started crawling, chattering a ton, and finally at around ten months decided he actually liked solid food.  Also, his hair really started growing and it came in strawberry blond (it looks super red in these photos, must be the lighting in my bedroom)!

9 month appt stats:
31" tall (74th percentile)
19lbs 13ozs (51st percentile)
17.91" head (63rd percentile)

Started crawling!!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Where Have the Years Gone?

Dane is over a month into kindergarten now, and whoa is he growing up even more quickly now.  Gone are any remnants of his babyhood, and in there place is a cute, funny, smart little boy.  Two things in particular happened last night that really made it hit home that he is going to be an adult before we know it (dramatic, I know): 1) He lost his first tooth!  2) He handled the loss of a prized toy without any tears.

Dane's bottom tooth has been loose for  a few weeks now, but yesterday he was really working at it.  By the afternoon it was sticking out horizontally, and my mom took him into the bathroom to show him how close it was.

Chad had joked with him about tying a string around it and slamming a door, but Dane wanted nothing to do with that.  Instead Chad asked him to get a tissue, told him he wanted to just feel it, but then he yanked that sucker out.  Dane was very trusting, and while he was a bit stunned he wasn't mad that Chad had done it.

I am always a little freaked out by kids losing their teeth, but once his was out I thought he was the cutest thing ever.

After he went to bed I made up a little note with a joke on it from the Tooth Fairy, paired it with a $2 bill then snuck it under his pillow.   I woke up the baby in the process, but that is just a hazard of the Tooth Fairy job.

Dane thought the note was cute, and the joke was funny, so I am happy with how it went.

So on to the story about the dino robot:

We had a big group of friends over last night for our annual chili cook off, but Dane left for a bit to go to Sunday school at church.  While he was gone, someone irreparably broke his robotic dinosaur.  His friend mentioned it to him right when he got home, but we blew it off as nothing and changed the subject, fearing he might lose his mind.  Later, when it was just Dane, Chad, and me, we gently broke the news to him.  He got the saddest face I've ever seen, but didn't cry.  He had hope that it could be fixed, but we said it could not.  Chad jumped in with this brilliant nugget: we saved part of his dino's heart, one of the batteries, and would transplant it when he got another similar toy.  Chad then dug around in the battery basket up in the pantry and pulled a random battery out.  You could see Dane was a little skeptical, but decided to accept this.  He then turned his attention back to his excitement about the tooth fairy visiting.

One other quick note: mornings are no longer a hellish battle of the wills in getting Dane ready for school.  I set his clothes out the night before, then ask him to put them on before we head down for breakfast in the morning.  I often have to prod him along a bit, but there is no screaming, no crying, and it gets done about ten times faster.

Little by little life is getting easier around here.