Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Trip to L&D

Pregnancy is never really pregnancy unless something goes awry right?  Oh don't worry, everything is fine now, but the past twelve hours haven't been much fun.

I wanted to crawl out of my skin yesterday.  I couldn't get comfortable in any position,  I swear I tried everything except for doing a handstand.  I wanted to crawl out of my skin.  Oh wait, I already said that. The only time I felt okay was the hour we spent at the pool and the few minutes Chad's spent rubbing my back and legs while I was splayed over my body pillow.  I wish I could describe the discomfort, and how it was driving me up the wall, but I can't even come up with an analogy.

I was able to get myself to sleep in a relatively short amount of time at about 11:45pm by praying repeatedly for a childhood friend who is currently very, very sick in the hospital.  I fell asleep and had bad dreams about his family and how they must be feeling.  I woke an hour later with my belly hard as a rock.  Not atypical as it usually is when I wake up for one of my half dozen trips to the bathroom.

The problem was that as I laid back down and tried praying some more I started noticing a pattern of somewhat painful contractions, followed by actually feeling comfortable.  After about a half hour of being annoyed and freaked out, I got into the shower to see if the warm water would make it stop.  before I got in I downloaded a contraction timer app on my phone though, and found the contractions were 30-45 seconds long and coming every two minutes.  Queue major freakout.  While in the shower my thoughts ran the gamut from, "You shouldn't be feeling sorry for yourself when their are people suffering so greatly" to "Oh my gosh, I can't have this baby yet, how will I manage with a baby in the NICU?" to "What if he comes and doesn't make it?"  I would cry during the contractions, then be clear headed during the break.  I was trying to decide if I should wake up Chad, but knew he had a only happens once a year training to attend today and didn't want him to be exhausted.

I ended up finally crawling back into bed, and finally after two hours of being up fell back into a restless sleep for an hour.  Queue more tossing and turning and praying.  Chad got to sleep in until 6am and when he got out of the shower I told him what had been going on.  Contractions were spaced much further apart.  Dane got up shortly thereafter, and right after Chad left Q woke up.  As I started moving around and inevitable chasing Q when she got into something she wasn't supposed to they started coming closer together again. I finally called L&D and the nurse said to come in. My MIL had an appointment in the morning, so I called my mom back (I had called her around 6:30 to see if she happened to have the day off) and told her I needed her.  She was so nice to leave work to come help me, she never ever calls in sick but as she told me Chad needed to be at his training but there were people other than her who could make eye appointments for patients.

I started feeling better at that point, and by the time my mom made it over was hardly feeling anything.  I felt so dumb going in, but needed the reassurance that the contractions were not dilating me at all.  Oh, I should remind you, I am only 31 1/2 weeks along.  The nurses were so nice when we checked in, They scolded me for not coming during the night, but were happy that things had slowed to nothing.  After about an hour of monitoring they did pick up the small contractions I had right before they unhooked me, and said to come back if I felt anything stronger or more painful.  I had mentioned to the nurse and midwife that I had felt like baby had completely flipped and his head was up my my right ribs.  Sure enough, she agreed that was his head and said she could feel what felt like feet when she did my internal exam.  It was my first ever pre-labor cervical check, which, much to my surprise, didn't hurt at all.

So after all that here I am, exhausted, red-eyed, and feeling feet dancing (stabbing) on my cervix and bladder, about to go nap (please oh please dear four year old, stay in your room).

For some comic relief, this also happened this morning:

This shoe shelf has survived kids climbing all over it, and Chad and I using it as a step stool for years.  But all it took was my pregnant self sitting on it this morning for it to collapse like an elephant sat on it. One of the screws ripped a hole in my pants and gouged my thigh.  I cried, Quinley cried, and my mom tried not to laugh..because really it is quite funny.

Friday, September 12, 2014

31 weeks...Seriously, Two More Months to Go???

People, my belly feels like it is going to rip open.  I've been lucky enough to avoid stretch marks thus far in my pregnancies, but since yesterday I swear I can actually feel them forming.  I suddenly want to eat ALL.THE.THINGS.  But, dang it, there is nowhere for that food to go.  I just applied a liberal amount of lavender/jojoba oil to my belly, and that seems to have helped, I should have done it hours ago.

I will be honest, I cry multiple time per day because of the discomfort.  Braxton Hicks have started, and while they are not usually painful like they were when I was pregnant with Dane (only when I have a toddler slamming her head against my belly like in the photo below), they do make me stop what I am doing so I can wait for them to end.  I have many times a day where it feel like I just can't breathe, which makes me a bit panicky.

Baby boy could potentially be here in eight weeks if he follows the same timeline as his siblings. And while that is a short amount of time when I think of it in terms of how many weekends we have before he's here, it is a looooooong amount of time when I think about the uncomfortable nights and the long days chasing a wild Quinley and energetic Dane.

I can't wait to have this babe out of my body and in my arms (or in the moby wrap as I am sure he will spend most of his days).  I am not looking forward to the exhaustion of nursing, but I know that it will be nothing compared to the exhaustion and discomfort of pregnancy.  I am really happy I won't have to worry about pumping multiple times a day since I will be home with babe most of the time.  I am looking forward to when he is a few months old and I can start really working on attending births as a doula, I feel like I am in this weird transition time where I am trying to get my business going, but know I can't really have any clients until February.

I am actually on track to gain around 38 pounds this time around, instead of 42 like with the other two babes.  of course I started out a few pounds heavier, so I guess it all evens out, right?  My celery addiction is going strong, along with a new found love of blueberries.  I am going to be in dire straits soon though, because blueberry season is over.  I honestly don't know how I gain so much weight, especially during this pregnancy, when I feel like I don't eat a ridiculous amount (and I am not scarfing down tacos like I did with the other two).  I suppose it is my body just holding on to everything I give it (seriously though, dear Body, it is okay to let more of it go, more regularly, if you know what I mean).  I was able to drink hot tea with honey for the first time in seven months today. I used to drink multiple cups a day, but nausea just made it too unpleasant, but I risked it today and it was great!

Baby boy's movements are strong.  I anticipate him coming out being able to hold his head up just like his siblings, because that's just how Buechlers roll.  I am excited to see if he will come out with a full head of brown hair like his sissy, or the more reddish blond of his brother (only to have it all fall out and become golden blond).  Finger's crossed he follows in his siblings footsteps and comes out at 7 1/2 pounds. A perfectly sized baby if you ask me.  So much anticipation!  At my last appointment I told the midwife I was afraid of not making it to the hospital, and she told me not to worry, that I knew what I was doing.  She said they would want to start checking me for dilation probably around 36 weeks, but I told her I would rather not know since I knew I could walk around for weeks at several cm dilated.  She agreed and told me she walked around for four weeks at 5cms dilated herself (then ended up giving birth after having only like twenty contractions).

I find myself envisioning my ideal labor and delivery every night while I am in the shower.  I picture it being just like Quinley's birth, only without the fear of needing to push and not being dilated enough (like labor with Dane).  I envision labor being just long enough for everyone to get there, and having to tearing and no broken tailbone.  We told Dane that if the time of day was right then maybe one of his relatives could have him in the waiting room so he could come in and meet his brother immediately after he was born.  I envision leaving twelve or so hours later (they got us out in thirteen last time), then coming home to lie in bed and snuggle my beautiful angel for hours on end.  I am really not sure how the older kids factor into my dream of lying in bed for endless hours, but I am hoping for lots of offers of child care to keep them occupied :-)