Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Day 10 {Chore Day}

I absolutely love quiet afternoons home with just the baby. My MIL took the bigs out for the afternoon (bless her soul) and I was able to get sooooo much done. Kepler just follows me around, stopping to pull on cords and taking the little white caps off of the door stops (as of today they've all been removed for safety).  We did Kep's weekly photo shoot, and I watched a few episodes of Property Brothers on Netflix while doing laundry. Then the big kids came home and Chad came home and the decibel level rose to that of a Boeing 747.  I swear that's what it feels like.  Chad could see that during dinner I was about to lose it, so he offered to take Dane to get a haircut, and to bring Q along.  I was so thankful.  After the haircut the got to go to the park, and they came home happy and tired.  

Monday, August 24, 2015

Day 9 {Workday}

Chad is so great with the kids, I am a bit jealous. His Mondays with them always seem like so much fun, with the kids behaving like angels 95% of the time. I miss them all when I am at work, because absence makes the heart grow fonder and all, but sometimes I want to turn right back around and run out the door after being back home for five minutes.  Evenings are so hard sometimes, I am tired, I have a dozen chores to accomplish before I can even think about settling down, and sometimes it is a real struggle to get Kepler to sleep.  It is all getting a little easier, but I wish I could enjoy bedtime with the kids more, instead of feeling like I just want to shoo them into bed.  I guess what I miss is how when it was just Dane we could sit and focus on him, but now there are three to spread our love over, and three kids demanding water, milk, their favorite stuffty, etc.  Sighhhh, there are just not enough hours in the day.