Thursday, November 20, 2014

Quinley is 21 months old!

My little lady is 1 3/4 years old (going on 3)!  Oh how these photos warm my heart.  Quinley challenges me daily (hourly really), but she also brings so much joy to our family.  She loves to sing, dance, run, read, and eat.  She is full of vim and vigor.  She is tenacious (I am learning to re-frame how I describe the kids, so instead of stubborn I will say tenacious), causing me to add child proofing that I never needed to have for Dane.

Quinley gives the best hugs in the whole world.  She wraps her arms and legs around us and snuggles her sweet little head into our necks, and she just fits so perfectly.  Her vocab has exploded, and she talks in sentences now.  She's got her daddy wrapped around her finger, and pretty much everyone else in the family too.  I weighed her at the vet a few weeks ago (it is so easy there!) and she was 22 lbs.  I think she grew an inch in the past few weeks, her 18 month clothes are much too small now, yet most 2t stuff is still too big.

She is our little dynamo!

Kepler {2 Weeks (and a few days)}

Keppie is growing like a weed!  He was down to 7 lbs 4 ozs at 3 days old, but 11 days later he had gained 1 lb 5 ozs!  He nurses often throughout the day, but is sleeping long stretches at night, three, four ours at a time, which makes for a happy mama.  I usually wake up to him grunting and moving around, and am able to get myself to get him before he starts crying, in hopes of allowing Chad to stay asleep. He sleeps in a bassinet a few feet from my side of the bed.  Something different about him than his siblings is that he likes to be swaddled with his arms in.  He didn't for the first few days, but now he does.  Several nights in a row he had a very difficult time settling down in the evening. He would nurse and nurse and nurse (and thus spit up a ton because there was no room in his little belly for the milk to go) but would cry anytime I tried to lay him down.  We would finally get him to settle with the use of a pacifier.  Thank goodness he only wants it for that one time in the evening, and last night he didn't need it at all. I really don't want it to become a regular thing.

Dane and Quinley continue to dote on him.  Quinley has started "mothering" stuffed animals, which is insanely cute.  Overall things have been going really well.  Kep is such a chill little dude, I really can't complain!  He has been spending a bit more time awake, and when he opens his eyes really big it makes us all giggle, and reminds us of Dane so much.  I still think it is crazy to say, "My two sons".  How blessed am I?!?